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HomeAbout is a tool intended to organize and curate links to information about data sets relevant to our 3D understanding of the Milky Way. For any given longitude range, we provide the means to determine the available surveys, their overlapping footprint, and the type of data each provides. Information about each dataset, including how to access the data, their hallmark publications, and their principal investigators, is available at the Milky Way 3D Dataverse . All the data can be loaded, “linked”, and explored using the new 3D visualization software package Glue, available for download at !

This is an interactive coverage tool of surveys of the galactic plane created with the AAS WorldWide Telescope API and WorldWide Telescope . To view the coverage of a region, click on the check box or slider in the first column of the table below. You can drag your mouse to pan or zoom in the window. Information on where to find the data in the regions may be found by clicking on the region name or the ★. Table columns may be sorted by clicking on the table header.

Extended Observations Catalogs and Pointed Surveys
View Region Link to Survey Wavelength Continuum (2D) Spectral Line (3D) Source-Based Lists Spectral Line
THOR A 21 cm, 300 mm, 174-186 mm
BESSEL Aaa 1-3 cm
RAMPS* Aab 1 cm
CORNISH* B 60 mm
HOPS C 12 mm
GRS D 3 mm
MALT90 D 3 mm
Dame CO Da 2.6 mm
BGPS E 1 mm
COHRS E 1 mm
JCMT* G 850 μm
HIGAL* H 70-500 μm
MIPSGAL Ha 24, 70 μm
WISE Hb 3.4, 4.6, 12, 22.0 μm
GLIMPSE Hc 3.6, 4.5, 5.8, 8.0 μm
UKIDSS-GPS* I 1.3, 1.6, 2.2 μm
GPIPS* J 1.6 μm

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*Future data to be released